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What does Bloom FX do?

BloomFX Signal provides affiliate traders with currency signals that help them identify the right trading opportunities at the right time. Even if the affiliate traders decide whether to buy or sell a currency pair at some point, they do so based on the signals provided by us!

How is a signal defined?

According to Wikipedia, a currency trade signal is a suggestion for entering a transaction on a currency pair, usually at a certain price and time that contains other details such as Tp and SL.

How are the signals given?

All signals released by BloomFX specialists are based on the analysis of technical indicators and are manually generated by a human currency analyst. Signals are sent to affiliated traders in real time and are accompanied by all the technical details of trading: TP, SL … etc.

Bloomfx Signals is supported by a team of specialists, many of them with more than 7 years of experience in the field of Forex trading and with a percentage of over 87% of correct signals!

Because Forex trading is very difficult, BloomFX works on the premise that you need valuable signals to make successful trades and to avoid any mistakes that can cost you dearly.

Our service offers daily signals only in the interval between the opening of the London Stock Exchange and the closing of the New York Stock Exchange and they are sent to our private Telegram account and by email (if you wish).

BloomFX also helps you get results, both by tracking their Forex signals and by providing technical support at every step.

you will always find with us, a mentor with experience in trading, able to provide you with the necessary support, market analysis, and to answer your questions in real time.

Our traders offer a weekly technical analysis of the market and almost daily live sessions on youtube in which the topics of the day are discussed, trading is done and even demonstration transactions!

How do I access BloomFX signals?

Access is free following this link https://t.me/madyb_free_fxsignals

How do I access to the BloomFX Signals VIP channel?

Benefit from complete signals from all the trades made by our team!

Our strategy is as simple as it is efficient, namely: "My strategy is very simple…5-7 trades per week! If I don't give at least 5 signals a week then the week is FREE!" -Mady B.

Access costs 30 USD for 1 month
Access costs 100 USD for 6 months
Access costs 180 USD for 12 months

Revolut payment link is https://revolut.me/madybloomfx and contact me on telegram afterwards with payment proof (@MadyBloomFX)

PayPal payment link is paypal.me/bloomfxvip and contact me on telegram afterwards with payment proof (@MadyBloomFX)

How do I access to the BloomFX Educational VIP chat?

BloomFX Educational VIP chat is the place where the strategy for the current day is discussed, the entries in the trade and the chosen pairs are analyzed, we answer your questions and analyze your charts together and in addition we offer you a lot of information for those who want to improve!

Access costs 20 USD per month (contact us on telegram for joining @MadyBloomFX)

NOTE: those who took the educational courses with us have free access for life

🛑IMPORTANT: If the signals given by us are not summing 100 pips per week, I will extend every subscription by another week ! This applies only to winning trades 🛑

Payment link for Signals/Educational VIP Subscriptions

You need to send the amount for the subscription desired (20$ for Educational VIP, 30$ for Signals VIP) to paypal.me/bloomfxvip and contact me on telegram afterwards with payment proof (@MadyBloomFX)

**For payment through Revolut https://revolut.me/madalit9tb and contact me on telegram afterwards (@MadyBloomFX)

*Refunds are possible only for 3 days since the payment has been received, after 3 days we do not accept any requests.

Monthly Subscriptions to BloomFX