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What is Clone FX?

Clone FX is a service for those who do not have time to trade and who automatically copy my trades!

Clone FX is a manual scalping account in which I aim to have a maximum of 15-20% DD and to make a profit of approximately 12-20% / month!

What you need to know before you start trading with Clone FX:

Even if you choose to use Clone FX, you are ultimately responsible for transactions, even if the program code places them for you. Although loss is a possibility, you can also multiply your account and make it grow exponentially over time. what are you sleeping If you want to run fully autopilot, this could be done without any interaction. You can literally earn passive money while continuing with your daily life.

How do I trade with Clone FX?

All you have to do to use Clone FX is create an account on the SignalStart platform!

There is no need to change your broker or share your account login information with anyone.

Is there a possibility to use Clone FX on a demo account?

The answer is yes!

You will can subscribe to the platform and copy Clone FX executions to your demo account

Clone BloomFX Signals

BloomFX Clone account: access to the portal https://bloomfx.signalstart.com/analysis/bloomfx-clone/196907 to clone all my trades - for all those who do not have time to trade and do not master very well the forex strategy can log on to the above platform and can automatically trade my trades without any effort! in this sense, we have made a new account in which we will enter with a FIXED VOLUME of 0.02-0.05 and you can increase/decrease multiplier depending on your balance.
Cost: 30 USD per month

Warning: our input volume NEVER changes so as not to expose your accounts in any way!

For more information you can contact us via Telegram: @MadyBloomFX