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What is CLONE Pro+ EA?

CLONE Pro+ EA is an automated Forex Trading program that follows a well-established algorithm to enter and exit the market and is able to evaluate a larger amount of parameters at the same time, more than a human could ever do.

CLONE Pro+ EA is programmed by BloomFx specialists to open positions depending on the market and their technical analysis, to close positions and to put SL taking into account a well-established algorithm, ie it is not an automatic robot capable of initiating alone (without programming) a market position, or manage risk and decide on profits.

What you need to know before you start trading with CLONE Pro+ EA:

Even if you choose to use CLONE Pro+ EA, you are ultimately responsible for transactions, even if the program code places them for you. Although loss is a possibility, you can also multiply your account and make it grow exponentially over time. what are you sleeping If you want to run fully autopilot, this could be done without any interaction. You can literally earn passive money while continuing with your daily life.

How do I trade with CLONE Pro+ EA?

All you have to do to use CLONE Pro+ EA is create an account on the SignalStart platform!

There is no need to change your broker or share your account login information with anyone.

Is there a possibility to use CLONE Pro+ EA on a demo account?

The answer is yes!

You will soon be able to subscribe to the platform and copy CLONE Pro+ EA executions to your demo account

What packages are available for CLONE Pro+ EA?

Because the service offered is a copy of the trades made by CLONE Pro+ EA, we offer you a SignalStart partnership:

  • for following my EA (BloomFX Signals) the cost is - 50 USD / month (entry is made with 0.02).
  • You can use MT4 or MT5 to connect there is no difference, because Signal Start adjusts everything to be the same.
  • take notice that when you set up you Signal Follower, after subscription to my EA you can adjust the multiplier to match my account, BUT Signal Start adjust the entry based on the minimum deposit it calculates for you.
  • on SignalStart you can use multiplier to follow my EA, you can even lower the Entry (using 0.5 multiplier you will have 0.01 Entry) if you want to lower the risks.
  • Example 1: if you have 3500 USD and use multiplier 1 you match my entry.
  • Example 2: if you have 3500 USD and use multiplier 2 you double my entries, you double the risk.
  • Example 3: if you have 1700 USD and use multiplier 1 you will have half my entry, same risk.
  • Example 4: if you have 1700 USD and use multiplier 2 you match my entry but double the risk.

The deposit represents our estimate of the entry amount made based on simulations made on the charts from the last 2 years!

It's a recommended account for traders who make investments in the medium and long term (minimum 6 months) and has a profitability of more than 100% per year

For more information you can contact us via Telegram: @MadyBloomFX